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What's The Weather Going To Be Like On...??


Even though we can't always predict the future, tt's a question Meteorologist Jason Frazer gets ALL the time. The idea for Cloud 9 Favors came from a wedding. Ironic right? A friend asked Jason what the weather would be like for her wedding. It was a question he constantly gets from viewers, family and friends. After some research which involved some wine (who doesnt like wine?) and his fiancee Romney Smith, they decided they might onto something here. It's apparently the #1 thing people stress about on the day of. And there it was.. our new business!

Jason Frazer: Co-Owner


"Hey Jason - is it going to rain?" He gets this question at least 30 times a week. Seriously, he's counted. We thought it was weird too but we guess that's what scientists do. But the question he gets asked the most every year is will it rain for my wedding? That's what Jason is here to answer.  

Hailing from New York City, Jason started out in Banking. He was a branch manager at 23 years old. He traded in the banking money for a microphone as a TV Reporter. He's worked for several stations including the CBS affiliates in Rochester, NY; Columbus, OH and Hartford, CT. He's also worked for NBC Boston. He switched 2 years ago to become a Meteorologist and does Weather for Fox affiliate in Savannah, GA. He's a new dog dad and enjoys traveling. He's a graduate of Columbia University and working on getting his Broadcast Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State University this Summer. 

Romney Smith: Co-Owner


33... Nope that's not how many times Romney has been married. 33 is the number of how many weddings she's been too. She's helped planned a few too. When you have been to that many weddings, you know what works, what doesn't and what you need to make sure the entire day runs smooth. The one thing Romney says you can't control is the weather! It's why she's helped Jason launch Cloud 9 Favors to ensure everyone's day is smooth! 

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, she did pharmaceutical sales for 4 years. She traded in her sales pitches for a microphone. Romney has worked for several TV stations including the Fox affiliate in Albany, GA; CBS & Fox affiliate in Jacksonville, FL and CBS affiliate in Savannah, GA. She's also a proud dog mom to Linney! She's a graduate of the University of Richmond and University of Maryland