why you need us

Keeping An Eye On The Weather


Will it rain or snow? Will it be warm? Will it be cold? Our team is always keeping an eye on the weather to ensure you know when the weather will be perfect for your ceremony and when you might when to order an umbrella to stay dry. 

Weather Apps


They come on every phone. However, a dirty little secret in the weather industry is weather apps are wrong up to 51% of the time. Do you really want to risk that on the biggest day of your life? Why not hire a trained Meteorologist who can give you a personalized forecast and also advise you on buying the proper weather gear?

We've Done This Before


You're going to be stressed on the biggest day of your life. Your family and friends have traveled far and wide to see you say "I do." Depending on your location and season, it could rain every day or just once in a month. Don't gamble on your wedding day!